These jobs match my skills!

As a voice over talent, I try to find work wherever I can, as this is my only job at the moment.  One site that I’m a member of is called Freelancer.  Freelancer regularly sends me e-mails that they consider jobs that “fit (my) skills.”  I’ve been taking to my personal Facebook account to post some of these, as they’re so off they’re funny.  However, Facebook doesn’t need updated content, this blog does.  The following are examples of “jobs that match my profile or skills” from Freelancer.

Female (Asian) Voiceover for a 30 second website explainer video

This perfectly matches my profile and skills, does it not?  I mean, they need a 30 second website explainer video voice over, and I’m a voice over artist.  Unfortunately, I’m not female, nor Asian, so I think Freelancer may be a little off with this one.

Sell Complete EDM Songs — 5

So if you didn’t think the “Female (Asian) Voiceover” was way off the mark, how about this one, which suggests I have the skills to create an EDM song.  I get why I get matched with these – it’s also in the audio category – but come on.   Perhaps Freelancer needs to fix their algorithm to not match music production jobs with voice over talent.

I think I might keep posting these here, it’s pretty fun to see how off the suggestions are from Freelancer.  That said, they’re an awesome site, and if you’re a freelance artist of any kind, please check them out and see if they can find some work for you that matches what you do!

Hey guys!

Hello, and welcome to the blog section of Voice Overs by ThinkSoJoE!  I’ve added this portion of the site to express my thoughts on all things Voice Over.  Here, I’ll talk about my gear, my booth setup, and the software I use to record all of my client work.   I’ll also talk about some of the projects I’m working on, as well as give a little insight into ThinkSoJoE the person.  Stay tuned!